Friday, May 28, 2010

final post

I posted 30 blogs and they were all for school. I did not get any comments from anybody. All my posts received 0 comments, because they crappy blogs. I did not enjoy writing any of them because I hate blogging. The only reason I do it is so I can pass English. No I did not change themes at all because I did not want to. I have four widgets. I think that is just enough widgets. The End.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How are teens using their phones

25% dont even have cell phones. I thought that number would have been lower. 75% own cell phones, back in 2004 only 45% had cell phones. 72% text. 54% text daily, this is the category i fit into. 33% send more than 100 texts per day. 11% send more than 200 texts per day, these guys here are the losers that dont have a life. Who needs to text that much? The average number of texts sent per day by boys is 30 the average for girls is 80. Most teens use their cell phones in other ways like taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, and going online and what not. Not me, i only use my cell phone for texting and calling people. I probably would use that stuff if i could afford it. Kids are spoiled these days. The End.